Individual Psychotherapy

Psychological help is the most neglected need in Turkey. Although the number and frequency of appointments to psychiatric clinics have increased a lot recently, it is known that many symptoms of diseases that seem physical develop due to stress, and it is stated that morale is the most important element in the treatment of chronic and life-threatening conditions, Turkey is one of the countries where psychotherapy is the least preferred.

Lack of faith in therapy, concerns regarding finances and the length of the process, the possibility of a delayed solution, and trying to solve the problem with social support are only a few reasons for not referring to psychological help.

However, psychotherapy is a process of self-understanding and awareness of the individual by its simplest definition. It is the most valuable investment that individuals make for themselves to get professional help to identify their problems and create solutions, make decisions, be aligned and have healthy communication with their environment, and in short, develop themselves. Therefore, psychotherapy is not a luxury, it is one of the most basic needs.



It is defined as long-standing unhappiness, reluctance, disturbances in appetite, concentration, and sleep, inability to fulfill responsibilities, deterioration in self-care skills, which impair the flow of daily life, and loss of functionality.

”I do not want to live, what is the point of tomorrow, nothing good ever happens to me anyway, what is the point in waiting for things to come, I wish I never woke up, I do not want to eat or I can not eat, I do not want anyone, I wish nobody called me…” are the most significant expressions.

The mental realization of these statements and statements, and the growing state of hopelessness require an urgent referral to psychotherapy.

Anxiety Disorders

We all have “safe” areas designated by our capacity. Those ”safe” areas were designated in childhood. It is the intensities of emotions that arise in similar directions and times today that refer to the times when the sense of trust in our lives was damaged.

A certain event or change can sometimes be a source of excessive stress and lead us to anxiety. Birth, children’s departure from home, graduation, wedding, change of job (including getting a promotion and when conditions improve), retirement, even the changes that we call “normal and good” in our life cycles, such as money earned from games of chance, etc., can be sources of anxiety.

Therefore, the therapeutic process makes it possible to search for underlying reasons and find and clear the root beliefs.

Online Psychotherapy

What’s new always creates tension. This is because we all have “safe” areas designated by our capacity. Those ”safe” areas were designated in childhood. Therefore, it is best to let the adult mind decide whether ”new” or ”that newly existing thing” creates insecurity.

The first way to use an adult mind is to establish a cause-effect relationship and make a decision authentically, regardless of the old teachings. It is the most asked about and, in fact, the most performed therapy technique in the world recently.

Clients who change their place of residence, who have difficulty in having face-to-face appointments due to being busy during the day, or those who have physical disabilities mostly use this alternative technique. It is a communication technique provided by a computer, phone, or other mobile devices.

If any of you have second thoughts or concerns about being comfortable using this method, Sigmund Freud used to exchange letters with his clients. Online therapy may be the most common technique used in the new world. Making conditions match yourself is both an adult attitude and loyalty to the intention. Remember that when there is an intention, the path takes you there…