What are the treatment option for varicocele?

Varicocele cannot be treated with medication. So, the treatment options consists of invasive methods. These methods are open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and angioembolization.

Open surgery has changed with advanced technology today. With the start of using microscopes during operations, the surgeons’ visual ability and thus the success of the operations have significantly increased. Varicocele surgeries performed under microscopes are called microscopic varicocelectomy.


What are the symptoms of varicocele?

Varicocele generally does not show any symptoms. But, it may sometimes cause pain in the testicle.

The intensity of the varicocele pain increases with physical exercises and standing for long times. It tends to increase later in the day and decreases when you lie down and rest. Varicocele progresses and becomes evident in the scrotum over time.


What causes varicocele?

Although there is no clearly defined reason for varicocele, it is thought to be caused by the malfunction of the valves in the veins of the testicle. As a result of the malfunction of these valves, the veins enlarge, and the venous blood accumulates in and around the testicle, which may lead to poor sperm quality or count.

Due to the position of the left testicle vein, varicocele is generally seen on the left side. However, it is known that unilateral varicocele may disrupt sperm production in both testicles.