Do testosterone levels decrease with age?

The testosterone production in men starts when they are in the mother’s womb, increases during puberty, and reaches the highest levels in the following 10 years. After the ages of 30-40, testosterone levels in men start to gradually decrease. The decrease in testosterone to certain levels may cause various symptoms in the body. This level varies by age and from person to person.


What is the role of testosterone in body?

It regulates the sexual drive (libido) and affects the sexual functions. The erection of the penis is significantly affected by the testosterone levels. It also influences bone mass (density), body fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, red blood cells, and sperm production.


Do women have testosterone?

Testosterone is also produced in the ovaries of women. It is considered that testosterone regulates sexual desire in women as well, and has significant impacts on bone density. The amount of testosterone in women are quite less than in men.