Can erectile dysfunction be treated?

Erectile dysfunction can be treated more successfully thanks to the recent technological developments. Today, it is possible to solve this problem by determining the source of the problem, together with a better understanding of the anatomy of the penis and a better understanding of the mechanisms that cause an erection. We can now successfully identify problems in the vascular structures of the penis, hormonal problems, or psychological problems that may cause erectile dysfunction and produce solutions aimed at the source of the problem.


What causes erectile dysfunction?

The hardening of the penis (erection) is a complicated process in which hormones, nerves, vessels, and also psychological factors play a role. Erectile dysfunction may arise due to any problem in any stage of this process. Therefore, erectile dysfunction may result from biological/organic problems related to hormones, or from completely psychological problems.

Sometimes the psychological problems are added on the biological problems, causing the situation to get more complicated. To solve the problem in the right way, the underlying reason or reasons must be analyzed well.


How do psychological factors affect the erection of the penis?

Sexuality in people is a process consisting of biological, psychological, and social factors. Being biologically healthy is not sufficient for the penis to get erected. Psychological factors are as effective as biological and organic factors in the erection mechanism. Since sexuality in men is mostly focused on performance and score, the fear of not being able to show the same performance all the time is called performance anxiety and is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction.