How to prevent genital warts from reappearing?

Genital wart is a disease that may often reappear. If the treatment is applied properly, new warts mostly appear on other areas of the skin, not in the same place as previous ones. You must avoid bleeding of the warts. This is because bleeding warts spread so many viruses around, and this may cause the wart to spread to other parts of the skin. The viruses are mostly spread from the irritated skin areas. That is why you must avoid using razor blades, depilatory cream, and wax for cleaning your genital area. The most suitable method is to cut the hair by using a specially designed tool without irritating the skin.


What is HPV?

HPV is the abbreviation for a virus family called Human Papillomavirus. There are more than 170 types of HPV identified so far. Around 40 of them cause diseases in human beings when sexually transmitted.

Most HPV infections do not show any symptoms and disappear from the body in around two years. However, sometimes genital warts occur due to HPV infection and these warts need treatment, and sometimes lesions may occur, which may turn into cancer later.


How is HPV transmitted?

HPV is mostly transmitted due to close skin-to-skin touching. As it is often seen in genital areas, it is also accepted as a sexually transmitted disease.

There are very limited publications on that a person may rarely be infected with HPV due to indirect contact in places such as around the pools or showers used by many people. It is generally known that HPV is a tenuous virus and cannot survive for long outside the body.